Call To Action

Drag your visitor’s attention by bringing attention to a spot in your post/page using the Call to Action Promoting Content. Boost your conversion rate by showcasing a beautiful call to action that can be easily customized.

Select Promoting Content

To get started go to your Promoting Item > Click on the pencil to choose the Promoting Content type and select “Call to Action”.


Below you can find the settings of the Call to Action promoting content.

WidthSet whether the width will auto(100%) or fixed
Fixed WidthSet the width of the call to action (If Width is set to fixed)
Background colorSelect the background color of the call to action
Enable borderSet whether to have a border
Border colorSet the border color
Text ColorSet the text color
Title HeadingSet the type of heading your title will have (h1-h6)
TitleSet the Call to Action title
Title Font SizeSet the title font size
SubtitleSet the subtitle
Subtitle font sizeSet the subtitle font size
ButtonSet whether to display the call to action button
Button linkSet the button URL
Open Link InSet whether to open the URL in the same tab or in a new tab
Button LabelSet the button label
Button Background ColorSet the button background color
Button Text ColorSet the button text color
PaddingSet the call to action padding

Frontend preview

On the frontend, you should now be able to see the promoting content.