The Progress Bar Field

PRO Feature! The Progress Bar Field is available in the PRO version of MAZ Loader. Get MAZ Loader!

The Progress Bar field allows you to display a bar showcasing the progress of your page until it finishes loading in your Loaders with a variety of customizable options.

Customizable Options:

PositionSet the position of the progress bar. Top of the page, the bottom of the page or default.
Show PercentageWhether to display a percentage counter as well below the progress bar.
Progress Bar WidthSet the width of the progress bar.
Progress Bar HeightSet the height of the progress bar.
Font SizeSet the font size for the percentage counter.
Progress Bar ColorSet the progress bar color.
Background ColorSet the progress bar color that appears behind the bar as it is loading.
Text ColorSet the text color for the percentage counter.
PaddingAdd the padding around the field
MarginAdd the margin around the field
AnimationSelect an animation to run on this field when the Loader appears.
Field Options Preview:

Here is how the Progress Bar Field options appear as you populate them:

Field Loader Preview:

Here is how the Field appears on the Live Preview: