Can I display a Loader on all my pages?

With MAZ Loader 1.0.2 you can now use the Publishing Rules to set where you want your Loader to appear.

Pro version

With the Pro version, you can go into your Loader click on the Publishing Rules menu icon.

Follow the steps listed below to set your Preloader to appear sitewide.

  • Click on “Add Condition”
  • Select “Entire Site”
  • Make sure the condition type is set to “INCLUDE”
  • Save your Preloader.
  • Make sure your Preloader is enabled.

Free version

You can make a Loader be your primary and be displayed sitewide.

To do so you will need to go to Admin Menu > MAZ Loader > Settings and Enable the setting Display the last published Loader on all pages?

This will make your last published loader appear on all pages of your site.