Can I display different Loaders on different pages?

Shortcode method

Every Loader can be represented via a shortcode which once added to the content of a page/post, etc… can be used to load only on that particular page.

After you create a Loader, click on MAZ Loader > View Loaders and then go to the Actions Column of the Loaders List and click the first button which will copy the shortcode for this particular Loader into your clipboard.

Once you click the button a popup will appear informing you that the shortcode has been copied into your clipboard.

Once you close the alert, you can go into your page, post, etc… and paste the shortcode into your page’s content.

The Loader now appears only on this page, letting you add different Loaders on your pages.

Gutenberg Block method

To read how to add a Loader using the Gutenberg block available, read our guide below:

How do I load a Preloader using the Gutenberg block?