How can I set where to display my Loader?

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MAZ Loader provides a Publish Settings Page that allows you to set conditions and display your Preloader on pages you specifically set it to appear.

To do so you will need to edit or create a new Loader and head to the Publish Settings Tab.

You will then be presented with an “Add Condition” button that will help you create different conditions that will determine where the Preloader will appear.

Start by pressing the mentioned button and the default condition will appear.

The options available for each Condition are the following:

  • Include or Exclude the condition.
    • This helps you display a Loader in a page using the Include option and make the Loader not appear in a page using the Exclude option.
  • Select a page
    • You can select to display the Loader in the following places:
      • Entire Site
      • Homepage
      • Posts
      • Pages
      • Custom Post Types
      • Tags
      • Categories
  • Remove Condition