The Loader Appearance Settings

The Loader Appearance Tab contains settings that appear directly on the Loader and do not interfere with the Fields section.

Here is a list of the settings available in the Appearance Tab:

Background Color Set the background color of the Loader (supports opacity)
Background Image Set a background image for the Loader. This works in combination with the Background Color in case your image is transparent.
Background Image Type Set the background image whether it will appear as a cover, repeat mode, repeat x only or repeat y only.
Background Image Position Set the position of the background image (Left Top, Left Center, Left Bottom, Right Top, Right Center, Right Bottom, Center Top, Center Center or Center Bottom)
Background Color Overlay Select a color for your loader’s overlay.
Loader Content Position Set the position of the Fields in your Loader (Top Left, Top, Top Right, Center Left, Center, Center Right, Bottom Left, Bottom or Bottom Right).
Side by Side Loader Items Makes the Fields in the Loader appear side by side instead of one below another. Please note that this setting does not work will all Loader Content Positions.
Display Close Button [PRO] Enable to display a close button on your Loader.
Display Transition [PRO] Enable to set a transition for your Loader. The transition runs after the Loader finishes loading.
Disable Page Scroll Set whether the page scroll will appear while the Loader is showing.
Appearance Tab Preview: