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Hello to all! Feataholic is striving to create high-quality WordPress Plugins.

We are introducing MAZ Loader, a WordPress Preloader Plugin that helps you create Preloaders using a simple and super easy to use Builder.

MAZ Loader allows you to add text, icons, images, percentage counters, progress bars or even create your own HTML Field using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

MAZ Loader WordPress Preloader

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Quick info on MAZ Loader WordPress Preloader

MAZ Loader helps you add different styles of Preloaders to your site that make your users stay a delight to wait for your site to load.

You do not need a developer to set up your Preloaders as it’s been built with ease of use in mind using our easy to use, yet powerful, Builder.

MAZ Loader allows you to create Preloaders using a variety of Fields.

They give you endless possibilities on how to style your Preloaders in combination with animations as well as transitions.

MAZ Loader has been built with the customer in mind.

This makes it easy to use and beginner-friendly for someone who needs to build a simple to more Preloader to someone who likes customizability.

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Looking to add a Loading Screen to your WordPress website?

Get MAZ Loader and start creating beautiful Preloaders.

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