July 31st, 2022

  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.0
  • Fix: Percentage Counter styling improvements.


February 1st, 2022

  • Fixes an issue where Preloaders could be deleted without validation.


January 30th, 2022

  • Compatibility with WordPress version 5.9
  • Improves the preloading of images
  • Improves Elementor compatibility.


October 09th, 2021

  • Further security improvements


October 07th, 2021

  • Security fixes


July 19th, 2021

  • Compatibility with WordPress version 5.8
  • Fix: An issue where JSON added in Lottie field wouldnt display the animation.
  • Fix: An issue where the Gutenberg block wouldn’t load Preloaders correctly under certain circumstances.


April 29th, 2021

  • Compatibility with WordPress version 5.7
  • Lottie field can now be previewed in the back-end builder.
  • Added: Loop, Number of times to loop, Width settings to the Lottie field.
  • Fix: Width/Height fields can properly save the percentage character.
  • Fix: Images Preloading should only occur if images have valid URLs
  • Fix: Image Reset button wouldn’t display the placeholder image.
  • Updated: Some dashboard colors.
  • Updated: The preloading of images on page load.


February 17th, 2021

  • Added: WooCommerce Products Publishing Rule to display your Preloaders within any targeted WooCommerce Product.
  • Added: WooCommerce Categories Publishing Rule to display your Preloaders within any WooCommerce category or WooCommerce product that contains a specific category.
  • Updated: Preloader behavior when using performance plugins that change how Javascript files are loaded.
  • Updated: Dashboard to include our new plugin, Content Promoter


January 16th, 2021

  • Fixed: Lottie field wasn’t saving properly the URL.
  • Fixed: Lottie field wasn’t saving properly the JSON entered if it was larger than a specific amount of bytes.
  • General improvements


  • Fixed: An issue where some fields were not found in the previous update.


  • Added: Limit Impressions, allowing you to limit how many times a visitor can see a Preloader in a specific time period.
  • Added: Update Notifier
  • Added: Sidebar in Settings page
  • Updated: languages pot files
  • Fix: Removes MAZ Loader menu item from non-admin users


  • Added: Lottie Field. Add Adobe After Effects animation into your Preloaders!
  • Changed: Review Reminder image now loads locally, from the plugin assets.


  • Fixed: An issue where some files were not included in the final zip file


  • Compatibility with WordPress version 5.5


  • Fixed: MAZ Loader rate reminder would not disappear on some occasions


  • Fixed: MAZ Loader block not registering correctly on the block editor
  • Fixed: When you click on a Field in the Live Preview, it should display the field settings on the left side of the Preloader Builder
  • Changed: When you remove a Loader background image, it should fallback to the Background Color you have set under Appearance tab.
  • Changed: Improved some field descriptions
  • Added: A review reminder that appears once you activate the plugin for the first time which can be dismissed.


  • Bumped version to 1.1.4


  • Fixed: Back-end Preloader transition would not hide when the animation finished
  • Added: MAZ Loader Submenu Page that redirects to the documentation page
  • Added: MAZ Loader Submenu Page that redirects to the support page
  • Added: MAZ Loader Submenu Page that redirects to the upgrade to Pro page


  • Changed: Updated some UI elements on the back-end form
  • Changed: Updated translations


  • Changed: Updated changelog


  • Compatibility with 5.4
  • Changed: Some UI elements


  • Fixed: In some instances you werent able to save colors with alpha


  • Changed: Preloaders are enabled by default upon-saving
  • Changed: Settings option to display Preloaders site-wide is enabled by default
  • Updated: languages .pot file
  • Fixed: Preloaders not appearing upon saving


  • Introduces the Pro version of MAZ Loader
  • Added: Percentage Counter Field
  • Added: Progress Bar Field
  • Added: Custom HTML Field
  • Added: Custom Code Section
  • Added: Publish Settings Section
  • Added: Loader Transitions
  • Added: Field Animations
  • Added: Display Close Button for your Loader
  • Added: Display Transition for your Loader
  • Added: Device Control
  • Added: Custom HTML/CSS/JavaScript sections
  • Added: Publishing Rules filtering based on Homepage, Entire Site, Pages, Posts, Tags, Categories as well as Custom Post Types
  • Added: Global and Loader-specific JavaScript Events
  • Added: Background overlay
  • Added: Gutenberg Block
  • Changed: Improved Drag and Drop of fields
  • Changed: Dashboard Sidebar
  • Fixed: How Loader Impressions are counted


  • Compatibility with 5.3.2.


  • Initial Release.