MAZ Loader WordPress Plugin




Loader using a single line of text.

Multiple Text

Loader using multiple text.

Text and Image

Loader using text and image.

Text, Image and Icon

Loader with text, image and an icon.

Text Boxes and Icon

Loader with text boxes and icon.

Background Colors and Images

Image with Background color

Loader that contains an image with a background color.

Retro Image

Loader with a retro image.

Background Image, Text and Logo

Loader that has a background image and includes text and a logo.

Wall Background

Loader with a wall background image.

Background Image

Loader with a background image.


Pattern 1

Loader that has a pattern background.

Pattern 2

Loader with a pattern as background.

Transparent Backgrounds

Transparent 1

Loader with transparent background.

Transparent 2

Loader with transparent background.

Transparent 3

Loader with transparent background.

Content Position

Top Left

Loader with Top Left Content Position.


Loader with Top Content Position.

Top Right

Loader with Top Right Content Position.

Center Left

Loader with Center Left Content Position.


Loader with Center Content Position.

Center Right

Loader with Center Right Content Position.

Bottom Left

Loader with Bottom Left Content Position.


Loader with Bottom Content Position.

Bottom Right

Loader with Bottom Right Content Position.

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