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MAZ Loader

MAZ Loader is a powerful and easy to use Preloader builder that makes your visitors a delight to wait for your website to finish loading.
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Content Promoter

Content Promoter helps you promote content throughout your site by generating new leads.
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He gets the job done and he’s beautiful.
He gets the job done and he’s beautiful. Easy to set up with the rendering we wanted.
— ANGE Guy
Simple and Effective
Nothing I dread more than loading up a plugin then spending the next 40 minutes configuring it. Not so with MAZ Loader. I installed it, selected my loading icon, and was done. And it works well, every page, every time.
— Randy King
It works well
It was very easy to install and my home page loads without glitches and jumping.
— bionicegg
Good plugin
A nice and easy solution to the problem. Allowed me to add a gif loader on the free version which is just what I was looking for!
— DJ Davey
It is the best one satisfying my needs!
It offers tones of variety of options, it is very dinamic in term of functionality as well as visual effects it has that i can deploy on my websites. Thanks!
— ugocel
Its just what I wanted, and more! Thank you so much for making this plugin! 😀 Excellent customer service, and great quality plugin! Keep up the great work!
— glens8
Awesome plugin!
Easy to use and great results! The preloader that I made looks professional without effort! Thanks
— tinachris