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New Site Design and Personal Plan Update

Feataholic now has a new fresh design that provides more user-friendly navigation throughout the site. Additionally, the Personal plan has been updated and is now also a Year plan (previously was a biannual plan) with the same total site support (1 site) at the same price.

How to add Adobe After Effects animations to your Preloader

MAZ Loader 1.2.0 introduces the Lottie field which allows you to display Adobe After Effects animations right into your Preloaders! You can find Lottie animations here: You can add animations using one of the 2 following ways: Add a Lottie animation using JSON URL Select “URL” under “Data source” and set “JSON URL” to…

wordpress preloading plugin

How to add a WordPress Preloader using MAZ Loader

MAZ Loader is a WordPress Preloader plugin that helps you create beautiful Preloaders for your site so you can showcase any content you desire while your site is loading and your visitors are waiting patiently to see your site’s fresh content. Below you will see simple steps on how to create a Preloader using the…